With the launch of BitClout most people jumped onto the highest profile creators including Elon Musk, Naval, Chamath, Katy Perry, and many others. However I believe that there are two types of profiles which are still undervalued today:

  1. Sector specific influencers (technology, venture capital, crypto, etc)
  2. Known brands or company profiles

These individuals might not be as well known on a global level, however they are all known within the early adopter segment of users. Moreover people within the technology, VC, and crypto communities are more likely to verify themselves, use the product themselves, and their followers are more likely to use Bitclout as well.

These dynamics are good for the overall user adoption of Bitclout and should provide good value back to these creator tokens themselves.

Below is a collection of individuals & brands I found most compelling based on prominence, networks, and potential upside.

*All of thee profiles below are reserved, but not claimed (they all have the clock symbol on them)

**The majority of these profiles are all below $1K at the time of writing, with many under $500


Venture Capital



If there are any profiles I may have looked over or should be aware of send me a message on Bitclout @mccannatron and happy to take a look.