Thesis: If Bitclout gets mainstream user-adoption, the short recognizable user-names will become very valuable, similar to domain names or Twitter handles.

Thus, I worked on compiling a list of the most common names, short usernames, numbers, usernames that match valuable domain names, common words, and short words that are unique to the crypto space.

This is a long-tail high-risk strategy as the vast majority of all these usernames below started between $0-$5 and had almost no other participants in any of them..

*Note: None of these profiles are verified, nor are the majority reserved, so this is an extremely high risk strategy. It’s best to do your own research.

Common Names/Short Handles


Valuable Domains

Common Words


Crypto Words

If there are any other usernames you found valuable, send me a message on BitClout, would be great to take a look >