Alpha Leak: The Creator Holdings of Maebeam

Alpha Leak: The Creator Holdings of Maebeam

Confession - I spent way too much time digging through some of the holdings of the early BitClout team including Maebeam - one of the developers of BitClout.

Below are some of the insights I found, as always please do your own research.

Top 3 holdings of Maebeam

Top potential asymmetric bets
Profiles sub $1K that Maebeam has significant* bets in. Maebeam doesn't hold a ton of creator tokens so I take these all below as high signals. Included comments on some of the more interested intel I could find:

If you found this interesting give me a follow or support my work > :). Also a big thank you to BitCloutPulse and the team for all of their support.

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