Bitclout 101: A snapshot of the first 40 days

Bitclout 101: A snapshot of the first 40 days

It's been what feels like light-years since BitClout launch and I think many of the ruminations for what BitClout could bring have already come to fruition. This is my brief personal diary tracking some of these tidbits and my journey on the platform.

  1. Creator Engagement.  I didn't realize that anyone could be a creator on Bitclout – (including myself!), so I joined in on the fun by dropping private links to all holders of >0.1 my Creator coin to a short film I produced in 2019 "Around the Piano" by Puerto Rican director Veronica Ortiz Calderon when my token price hit $1k. After a few weeks of individually DM'ing links, I decided it was time to release it to the BitClout public, so it is available to all. I am not in the movie industry; this was a project of passion with my friend Jan Desopo in San Juan Puerto Rico to support talented kids.
"Around the Piano" Directed by Veronica Ortiz Calderon

An additional quest I opened was to challenge investors to invest in my coin to choose a song for me to work on with my friend Zach Brunson, music producer and member of Justin Bieber's band (among many other talents). This was meant to be a fun one-off. But, given the success of the BitCloutBoys and Benny Blanco and Clay Perry's 🔥 track, Zach and I are excited and working hard on two initial BitClout-related songs. Zach has also indicated interest in producing additional BitClout-related music on BitClout platform. Can we say BitClout Idol guys and girls? And, who else would win this quest but none other than the OG BitCloutBoy, @craig?

Shoutout to www.bitclout/com/u/clayperrymusic

2. Other Creator's engagement. There are a lot of fun challenges out there. Here are a few (the list was exhaustive, sorry if I missed yours!)

Thanks @mashahafner, @yungjake , @digitalize, @bitcloutmuseum @valegenta @helenowen and @cloutopolygame!

3) Content and riddles

BitsTODAY – Medium
Read writing from BitsTODAY on Medium. BitsTODAY, a nightly digest of far-out experiments, sick posts, general absurdity, and everything in between happening in the world of clout… rn.

Bitstoday is a brainchild of @artz and @asg to provide daily micro-doses of activities happening on BitClout. It's a great read for those not engaged on the platform or for those inside who want to check the latest scoop.

BitSwap Blog
BitSwap allows users to create buy/sell listings for BitClout, allowing them to find counterparties to conduct a trusted, verifiable transaction.

Bitswap is a bitclout token off-ramp and eventual L2 defi liquidity project run by @sigil a 17-year-old who will likely matriculate at Penn this upcoming semester. It's really cool that Eric Chen from Injective is advising them; Eric is I believe around 22 years old himself and running a multi-billion market cap crypto project, so I trust that the BitSwap team is off to a good start.  

The Curious Case of Da5id
Did you think it was going to be a quiet weekend on BitClout? Or were you one of the many investors who couldn’t sleep last night, tossing andturning thanks to that bubbling sense of anticipation for what Da5id might donext? Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers and hodlers, it’s time to get on the…

Da5id started this riddle frenzy, and his account won't be the end. I find it tough to navigate through all of this confusion and while I reported on his account early and have an opinion on @naval versus @notnaval, I'll leave it to the reader to do their own research on this one and the plethora of subsequent accounts such as @uncle_enzo, @r0nin, @lu1s, @iknow. Some of these accounts have had disastrous price drops, and they have been covered on BitsToday.

The tl;dr from my end is, beware of anonymous accounts as there's no proof-of-identity and proof-of-human as the creators hide behind the various identity walls. @da5id is a little different as that account is Genesis Block and shouldn't really be incentivized to rug pull, but it's open season for the other copycats that have emerged.

4) Controversy? Clout?

Chamath, Artz, Cuban, Jake Udell all commenting on BitClout. Doesn't get any better than this, although maybe @naval can chime in.

5. Welcoming various creators to the platform.

I find athletes joining BitClout really cool so here are a few who have joined recently:  

1) @alexander_zverev Pro tennis player, World Men's #6 ranking, 2020 US Open Finalist

2) @matissethybulle NBA basketball player, SG for @sixers and Australian National Team.

3) @paulpogba CM for @manutd and @equipedefrance, World Cup Champion.

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