Bitclout: A new paradigm that bridges the realms of investing and nonprofit fundraising

Bitclout: A new paradigm that bridges the realms of investing and nonprofit fundraising

Greetings Cloutians!

I am very excited about this article because I have decided to take a different turn on the subject matter that is pervading the space right now. It seems the focus of many of us so far has been to do intel work and reveal as many “undervalued” accounts as we can all get our hands on. It’s understandable when there is so much opportunity in this new and flourishing space and of course we all want to benefit from the great abundance that is emerging. The past few days though I realized that I have personally been hyper focused on this type of research which led my mind to take a 180 degree turn.

A little backstory on the whole thing begins with my involvement as a member of the board of directors of a 501c3 non-profit called Church of the Amazon. It is a rainforest preservation project focused on the Amazon of Peru, but also on preservation of woodlands and forests everywhere. We are a small grassroots project. As a crypto enthusiast coming into Bitclout I have begun to see a unique new model for fundraising emerging. The concept of creator coins and founder rewards, along with the financial incentives for investors to buy creator tokens, seems like it could be the dawn of a new mutually beneficial relationship between investors and charitable non-profits. If a project gains network effect and grows in popularity, all parties benefit. This is very different than the old paradigm of huge charity organizations soliciting and begging corporations and individuals to “give” their support. Of course there is always a place for pure charity, but I think the model that is emerging here could be even more successful. Only time will tell.

It was late last night into the wee hours of the morning, eyes bloodshot from too many hours of bitclout (as you are all too familiar with), that an idea emerged to try and generate a way to uncover all of the cool and unknown charity projects that may be hiding on the platform. Earlier that day I happened to be on an a bitclout clubhouse meeting that was some kind of launch for an organization called the @UniversalPeaceSanctuary backed by @RajLahoti who many have seen very active here. The discussion inspired me to launch an account for my Rainforest nonprofit mentioned above called @RainforestPreservation on bitclout.

Finally, we also launched a fun “meme” based fundraising initiative called @Help_Doge_Flip_ElonMusk, which is a mission to take DOGE to the top of the bitclout rankings. All founder rewards will benefit @RainforestPreserve, and a percentage will be divided amongst other charities we can find hiding on bitclout. If you know of any good projects please send us a message!

I hope to meet and connect with more of you!

with great abundance,


A 501c3 nonprofit for the preservation of the Peruvian Amazon and other wild forests of the Earth. Learn more at

A fun meme initiative for @RainforestPreserve and other charity projects


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