To the readers new to BitClout, you may find it hard to tell whether someone has legitimately joined the platform or not. None of us want to get scammed! So, how can you tell who's legit? We're here to help.

The two easiest types of accounts to explain are reserved accounts and verified accounts.

Reserved Accounts: These are the accounts with the clock icon to the right of their username. Accounts with this status were pre-loaded onto the platform as they were in the top 15,000 users on Twitter. Check out Elon below:

How can you tell when a Reserved Account has claimed it?
Reserved accounts have the ability to claim their accounts through BitClout by generating a phrase and a link. See below:

Verified Accounts: Verified accounts are those that have been officially claimed by the individual representing that account. The verification process seems to be unknown at the moment. There are reports of it taking 48 hours to verify if you post your BitClout account on Twitter, or faster if you know insiders at BitClout such as the account @DiamondHands or @maebeam.

Normal Accounts
Users with accounts that were not reserved are claiming them by posting their public key, BitClout profile link, or any other method that proves to the public that account is theirs. You should always get proof of the link between a BitClout account and its owner before investing. There have been reports of users creating accounts for public figures who haven't set up a BitClout yet and scamming. DYOR.


That's all for now. We hope this was helpful!

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