Dev Team Accounts Just Created! PartyHat Time!

Dev Team Accounts Just Created! PartyHat Time!

Bitclout Dev Team Accounts Created! A series of accounts based on Runescape Party Hats have been created, and they are getting instantly verified. Red & Blue are the 2 confirmed accounts, and Maebeam is invested in both. The only other team accounts are:

DiamondHands - $30k
MaeBeam - $15k

The other colors I'm not sure about, but I assume will be dev accounts! Get in quickly, this is a massive opportunity!

Confirmed: - $4700 - $4400

Maybe? - $1520 - $1880 - $1220 - $1030

If you are risk-averse, then you should probably only buy into Blue & Red just to be safe!

These are extremely undervalued right now, and this is still an amazing time to buy in on these.

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