The ultimate guide to investing in creators

Or how to discover good creator profiles before anyone else, being smart about your strategy, and other advice.

The ultimate guide to investing in creators

The goal of this article is to help you discover good creators first, before anyone else. As the old adage goes: "If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat someday, if you teach him to fish, he’ll always eat."
I won't share profiles that I think will 10x here, what I want you to learn is how to spot good profiles yourself and be ahead of the curve. It can be hard at the beginning but with consistent practice, the rewards will be exponential.

Spot the right creators first.

Since we are still very early in the development of this platform, huge opportunities are to be seized; some multi-million follower accounts on twitter, Instagram or TikTok are still owned by no one. This is a way you can go, extensively researching for these accounts. whitepaper:"Profiles for the top 15,000 influencers from Twitter have been pre-loaded into the platform". If you are determined, go through all of them. You will need some developer skills to scrape and analyze the data though (I will probably post on this later).

Look for the trends: BitCloutPulse has provided a tool to look at the accounts with the most growth in the past 24h (Visit and sort by change). You can only see the top 1000 profiles for now but try to extrapolate and see the global direction. My analysis below.

I have noticed that actresses, mannequins, porn-stars are a huge trend and still not really exploited. @brennasparks, @angelawhite, @cocosworld, are interesting examples.
An other field to look into is crypto/finance related account. Since they are already experts in the domain, they will be the earliest to join and will interact with the like minded community already on the platform. @tyler, @cameron, @ryansadams, are a few example that already joined, a lot more are expected to register.

Beware of recommendations: Some users recommend creators, wait for some profit and then dump all their coins. Nothing to worry about if they only invested a little in it. Always look at the reasons to invest in a profile, search for strong fundamentals and for the potential it has on the platform.

In terms of portfolio management, I advise to take your initial investment back after you have made some profits. This is a prudent step to allow you to make more bets in the future, as you cannot withdraw $BTCLT yet. However, if you want to exit, it is possible to trade OTC. Check out our discord if you want to do this but kindly note that trades under 50 $BTCLT will be rejected.

Like every trade, you have to plan ahead and have an exit strategy. Write all your trades in an excel sheet comment your predictions and your exit thresholds. It will give you some feedback so you can adjust your strategy and hone your investing skills. Try different things, see what works ,be creative and have some requisite variety.

"Invt thought : Whatever the case keep 20 % of your PF in ready cash for taking advantage of the big investment opportunities which come up all the time. How many guys do this ?" @guv999. This great quote is something I should have applied before; I saw @arrington's announcement right when he posted it and had to sell in panic to seize the opportunity. I could have invested $700 when @arringtoncapital was at $150.

If you want to see more articles like these, feel free to support or message me if you liked it. Expect more to come.


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