Analysis on the Esports Clan - FAZE

Analysis on the Esports Clan - FAZE

I've written quite a few articles for Bitcloutpulse, and I don't think I'm getting any better at writing articles. When you read my content, expect that it has not been proofread, and most likely had typos in it. This is simply how I am, I write what my brain thinks and never look back.

With that said, I think that my analysis is much better than my writing skills. I'm willing to bet that at least 75% of my picks have gone up quite a bit in value. I personally I gone from $5500 to $380,000 in about 11 days, so I guess this is working for me.

Today I have a series of celebrities/youtubers that I think are very undervalued.

Faze Clan - Probably the single largest organization of gaming streamers.

My thoughts on the Faze clan is that Faze Banks was just $4800 and got dumped super hard within the past couple of hours. Faze Rug has been pumping and grown from $1100-$2700 within 2 days. The rest of the Faze clan is still relatively undervalued compared to everyone else. I'm invested in all of them at this point because I think FAZE as a whole will continue growing.

Creator - Current Bitclout Price - Youtube Subs - Sub/Price Ratio - $2418 - 5.3M - 2191 Followers/$ (Owner of Faze) - $2381 - 18.7M - 7853 Followers/$ (Largest member of Faze) - $1054 - 5.45M - 5170 Followers/$ - $1334 - 6.09M - 4565 Followers/$ - $1653 - $3.93M - 2377 Followers/$ - $1352 - $3.5M - 2588 Followers/$

The funny thing about this data is that it shows how undervalued Faze Rug still is. It also shows that Faze Banks is the highest of all them, but I think that premium comes because he is the owner of Faze.

*None of this is financial advice, this is just my random thoughts and gut feelings. My goal this year was to always trade based on my gut, and so far it's working for me.

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