How Has No One Bought These: Major Sleeper Picks!

How Has No One Bought These: Major Sleeper Picks!

I'm shocked at how many huge sports teams, video games, companies, and brands that people are not buying. Tonight I researched low cost accounts for about 4 hours, and I was the first buyer on many huge accounts. You can't lose money when you're the first buyer unless the account owner sells on you, so finds like these are essentially no risk.

Now, although I think all of my picks below are very strong, I'm not saying to buy exactly these. My main point is that everyone should be out there researching all the pre-loaded, low cost accounts with no other buyers.

Below is a list of accounts I personally bought, and I think could do very well long-term.

Sports : I think sports teams have the potential to go up a ton. We already see other sports teams in the $1000s, and I think most of these below are $400-$700. Fans will love feeling like they own a part of these teams coins. - One of the best teams in the NBA right now. - One of the best teams in the NBA right now. - One of the best teams in the NBA right now. - Superbowl Runner-Up. - I'm a homer.

* - Tons of poker players in crypto. This is one of my top sleeper picks!*

Gaming: How am I the first owner of these? These are all some of the largest games in existence, and it's insane that I was the first owner of all of these. Their socials have millions of followers, and there are a ton of gamers in crypto.

*Shocked that no one has bought any of these. Bonkersville! - Ridiculously undervalued! - Ridiculously undervalued! - My personal favorite game. - Ridiculously undervalued! - Ridiculously undervalued!

There are even a ton of great crypto companies with almost no other buyers: -  It's Binance... - Solid crypto company - Solid crypto company - Solid crypto company

Also, huge brands that nobody else is buying. Companies worth Billions, that are only valued in $1000s right now:

*These are all just no brainers. - CEO is a bitcoin OG!

I say all of this because I genuinely believe millionaires could be made on this stuff. Get out there are research these low cap creator coins. I highly recommend having part of your portfolio of Bitclout in longer term plays, and part to trade daily.

What to do exactly:

1. Go to the "Buy creator coins" tab.
2. Start scrolling down.
3. Scroll more.
4. Scroll.
5. Scroll.
6. You're probably in the $600s now, check out this step.
7. Scroll Again.
8. Keep scrolling until the $100s.
9. Start scrolling up and looking for great accounts you think could be big.
10. Look for brands, influencers, crypto projects, sports games, companies, etc...

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