@Janehk - Why you should care?

@Janehk - Why you should care?

This will be another one of my conspiracy articles, but I also think this might just be my single strongest creator coin pick yet!

https://bitclout.com/u/janehk ($2400)

@Janehk is known by a lot of users on bitclout because she is one of the investors at Winklevoss Capital. They are one of the VC firms that are backing Bitclout, and they are also led by the Winklevoss Twins (Cameron - $19000) & (Tyler - $21000).

Why I think @Janehk is severally underprice:

I've seen her account mentioned as being undervalued for the past couple of days, but I never looked into her profile too much. Then today while Bitclout was down, I noticed something interesting while reading Bitclout's one pager. In the one pager, there is a picture of the top accounts on what I'm assuming is the very first version Bitclout.

That picture is the main photo of the article, if you want to check it out. The main point is that here is the list of those original accounts:

Creator - Original Price from V1 Bitclout - Current Price

1. @kimkardashian - $105.31 - $16,443
2. @elonmusk - $104.35 - $70,804
3. @aplusk - $59.15 - $13,507
4. @iamcardib - $57.01 - $5906
5. @barackobama - $56.87 - $4758
6. @justinbieber - $54.49 - $21,039
7. @chamath - $47.41 - $42,284
8. @naval - $43.90 - $44,710
9. @janehk - $40.44 - $2601
10. @rihanna - $18.92 - $7667

This list includes a few of the largest celebrities in the world, founders of the platform, president, Elon Musk, and then @Janehk...

Why would she be included on this list above Tyler or Cameron, who by the way are worth roughly 6x more than @janehk. I'm assuming the reason is that she possibly led the funding round from Winklevoss capital, and/or that Winklevoss capital was either the first or the largest investor in Bitclout. (What a sentence)

Ultimately, the main reasons I think her account is undervalued are:

1. The Winklevoss brother's are about 6x her value.
2. She is BY FAR the lowest current price of everybody on the original bitclout creator list.
3. The average of the other 9 creators on that list is: 25,235. @Janehk is currently $2601.

To wrap this up, take what you will from this article. I would say it's half strong potential creator coin pick; half conspiracy theory.

Hope you guys enjoy the account. It would be awesome if you showed support on my page: https://bitclout.com/u/DylanBase

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