BitClout: Revenge of the Nerds

BitClout: Revenge of the Nerds

Alright folks, so now that we've crossed the 3 week anniversary of BitClout, I wanted us to take a trip down memory lane through those crazy 21 days and review a few things that we've learned along the way. To do that, I thought I'd change it up this week and bring along my good friend @olmstead. Now full disclosure, we don't even know each others names & haven't ever met, but I think we've got a good yin and yang thing going: @olmstead seems like he's very plugged into the space, funny and has lots of friends, whereas I'm your typical middle age man taking his kids to Gymboree class in his fresh '97 all white New Balances (shout out Kohl's).

So now that the awkward introductions are out of the way, let's get to the good stuff: What have we learned these past 3 weeks? Well after a few discussions, it came down to 3 things:

1) Holy sh*t this can be huge

2) Holy sh*t this can be huge

3) This platform is all a bunch of crypto nerds like us

Now 1 and 2 are a given; as we write this piece, the platform is up to over 115,000 users and nearly $200M in creator coins, but what's really interesting is #3. I think what people are starting to realize is that early adopters of the platform aren't my 11 year old niece begging to go to a Justin Bieber concert but it's the tech nerd that gets angry when you don't know what a bonding curve is.

So why does that matter? Well if that's who's on the platform (i.e. the investors), there's clearly going to be a premium placed on those influencers and products that are engaging or filling a need for those said investors (nerds).  So now that you understand our investment theory, let me kick it to my boy @olmstead to give his view on some of the best influencers and products that are speaking to this audience.

Thank you @BitCloutBuffett for the kind words and awkward introduction. It’s become painfully obvious for me over the last 20 days that in order to win on BitClout, you need to BRING IT in terms of valuable content and commentary. It needs to be consistent, relevant, and you really need to know your audience. At this point, recycled content from other platforms isn’t going to fly, thirst traps need to stay on Instagram, and basic questions like “how would you explain BitClout in 1 sentence” are getting played out faster than a whale can pull the rug on you.

As a creator, you need to find your lane and you need to make sure the content you put out is bringing value to the community in one of the following ways 1) it’s a utility, 2) it’s insightful, 3) it's inspirational, or 4) It makes you laugh!


  • @CloutPoll - Build engagement with your BitClout audience through polls
  • @cloutsights - A macOS menu bar app to track your favorite creator coins. Coming soon. Created by @kushagra and @shubhamjain.
  • @doyouhaveclout - The Y-Combinator of BitClout where any creator has the ability to ‘shoot their shot” and apply for the opportunity to be featured and promoted to an elite group of BitClout Sharks, Whales, and the broader community to raise awareness about what they are doing. Led by @miyazaki


  • @charliehilton - UK designer now living in Portland producing amazing UI mockups of features that could be implemented into BitClout or the BitClout ecosystem
  • @vrupani - Daily In depth commentary and analysis on public equities


  • @Charles_Bentley - New York based Digital Designer & Artist
  • @ShickCoin - Artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia only using pen and pencil


  • @Drtymlk - Roast account, picking two random new followers a day to roast
  • @artmeme - Making memes out of some of the greatest art masterpieces from across the centuries

Now, all of these accounts are great and I currently love them, but in order to have STAYING power and to maintain my mind share, the last critical point is consistency! They need to pound out content to keep their audience (me) engaged. In my opinion 3-5 posts minimum a day and it can’t be spam; it’s got to be quality. To do well as a  creator, you got to think of it as a full time job in my opinion. Back to you @BitCloutBuffett!

So there you have it folks, "adapt or die"! It's been less than a month but I think the most important lesson we've learned in those few days whether you're an investor or creator: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! As always, thanks everyone for reading and a huge shout out to @olmstead for dropping some wisdom!

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