It’s a jungle out there. Crypto is a wild place full of magical happenings and treacherous pitfalls. The launch of Bitclout has been nothing short of extreme in every sense. Many call it the greatest scam since Bitconnect. Others believe it is a revolution and will disrupt social media as we know it. Regardless of where one falls, it is hard to deny the fact that once you jump on the platform, create a profile, and begin exploring, it is a whole lot of fun and full of excitement and enthusiasm.

This article is about my quest to dive deeper into the mystery of who may have launched the platform. I am a participant in bitclout (yes I sent some bitcoin in and yes i know there is no guarantee that I’ll ever see it again), and since I joined the platform, it has been an exhilarating journey trying to find which creators are undervalued. When I jumped onboard I immediately bought the coins for Chamath and Naval who have been rumored to be behind the project. In fact it was that rumor that inspired me to join in the first place. Bitclout seems to be just the kind of thing they would unleash. Call it a hunch I don’t know. Anyway back to my search for creators and undervalued contributors…

This morning I decided to pull up Chamath’s account and look at his followers and who he is following. To my surprise I realized he only follows three accounts. Once of those is @socialcapital. I immediately looked into social capital and did some research on twitter etc… and realized that even though the account was unverified with no clock or blue check beside it, that it must be a legit account. Why would Chamath follow a scam account? I posted this alpha leak on the bitclout telegram channel and literally hours later the account was verified with the blue check box. Needless to say I had aped in to this creator coin so I am happy to be early on what is clearly one of the big backers of this project. This line of research led me to another great gem and discovery which I will unveil in my next post… In the meantime I would love to get to know more folks in the bitclout community. I have seen so much enthusiasm and positivity so far. What a breath of fresh air in the age of divisiveness and polarization in the old social media platforms. Bitclout has a chance to be a new thing. A platform for mutual support and positivity… Find me there and I’ll find you.

Take care,