Another undervalued Social Capital creator coin

Another undervalued Social Capital creator coin

Greetings everyone! I’m delighted to be sharing another installment on my deep dive into the creators of Bitclout and why I feel that investing in people associated with the team or the financial backers is a solid place to put your hard earned clout. Today the focus is on Connor Nowinski, partner at Social Capital.

For those who don’t know, Chamath is the CEO of Social Capital. When I first started the search for creator coins my initial impulse was to see who the rumored founder Chamath was following. Along with social capital which I featured in my first post, I saw only two others, one of which was a mysterious account named @Connor. There was no clock or blue check mark by his name, (and there still isn’t) so I was skeptical at first. However, I searched Connor and social capital on twitter and there he was.

To make a long story short @connor and @socialcaptial have been my two primary investments because I like the idea have having stake and clout in the people behind the platform and I believe that these accounts should be in the top 20 at least. The reason @connor isn’t verified is because his handle is different than his account on Twitter. I also discovered another gem when I looked at the investors of the Social Capital account. There was another mysterious Connor character with the handle @connor_

Sure enough Connor Nowinski partner at Social Capital has two accounts. Shortly after this discovery I saw someone named Connor on the Bitclout telegram responding to a question about the logo. I asked him if he was the same “Connor” connected to social capital and Chamath and he said yes. He indeed has two accounts and @Connor is his primary one. However, with some extra digging one will find that his other mysterious account @connor_ with no verification is the one that is invested in all kinds of people on Bitclout. The mysterious Connor “underscore” account is an extremely rare gem and greatly undervalued at the moment at only $1600. It is the account most highly invested in @socialcapital and you will see it is invested in creators all over Bitclout. It is of my opinion that these three accounts:


are some of the best ways to invest in the financial and creative power behind bitclout. Since neither of the Connor Nowinski accounts has a clock or blue checkmark yet, they are likely highly undervalued because users have been encouraged to only invest in legitimate and verified accounts. I hope you all enjoyed installment number 2 of my journey to seek out and invest in the team behind Bitclout. Installment 3 coming soon! Have a wonderful day and keep the vibes positive and high. We have a chance to redefine social media. It’s a new dawn.


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