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Why Sam Altman @sama is the next big play on BitClout

Sam I Am

Shoutout @DrSeuss - he's got me feeling a kind of way.

Hello, BitClout world!

I mentioned in one of my posts last week, that the run n' gun strategy seems to be drying up. We all know this process by now- user with X followers on Twitter tweets out BitClout key --> BitCloutPulse does an Alpha Drop --> Cloutans blindly drop a money bag on said Creator --> users do their best Aladdin impression #rugpull

It's time to think long-term here. There are plenty of creator coins to invest in that will bring ample returns once the majority begin to join the platform.

One profile I am eyeing is @sama

For those unfamiliar, Sam Altman is the founder of Y combinator and responsible for startups such as Reddit, Dropbox and AirBnB. In early 2019, he became the full-time CEO of OpenAI, who he partnered with Elon Musk on, which is a company that utilizes research on artificial intelligence to make sure it is used in beneficial ways towards humanity, rather than harmful  ones. It aims to create checks and balances on large corporation AI and how it is being utilized.

From a $BitClout standpoint, he presents an incredibly low-risk profile with stability at an affordable price (currently $6.2k/coin). Listen, I'm no crypto guru- but what I do know is where there's smoke, there's fire. If you take a look at @sama shareholders, you'll see the likes of @maebeam @craigclemens @bitcloutbuffett and more big names in the space. Yeah, you can bet your ass I want to be a part of that party. Beer me, blazer. This seems like a safe value play that presents tremendous upside down the road.

Thanks for checking out my first post- excited to bring more content to you all as we continue to grow this community!

- Gordita

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