Scoot over Twitter, I'm tryna get rich

Scoot over Twitter, I'm tryna get rich

Before I blow your minds with some Shakespearean level Sh*t, can I just pause and ask one simple question, "WTF JUST HAPPENED??". One day I'm on 8 hours of Zoom calls to today where I'm still on those same calls but now I have $320k backing my "creator coin" and 7:58 of those 8 hours were spent refreshing the "Call Her Daddy" page to see if it was really them (I hate myself for that)..

Now, you may be asking who the hell I am and why I'm qualified to be giving advice here and honestly I really don't know. The beauty is, NOBODY is qualified for this because it's never been done before. We're in unchartered water where the opportunities are endless and the upside is uncapped!

So who am I? Just a normal finance nerd that's applying equity style analysis to Creator Coins..what can go wrong? I've got a strong 1-week track record (that's a joke) but I LOVE deep value plays that have strong catalysts for success. LETS FKN GO!

Now onto the good stuff - who do I like right now? Well if you've followed me you know that I've made my name by backing @ScooterBraun the record exec, venture capitalist and entrepreneur. Why did we like Scooter? 1) his VC TQ Ventures supposedly leaked that they were BitClout investors, 2) the music industry is the perfect candidate for this platform and 3) he's been very supportive of crypto for years.

We're up nearly 700% on our Scooter position which is trading near $7k and I think will double if/when he joins the platform. That being said, where I think is even better value is the talent he manages. If you believe in my Scooter trade idea, then you should seriously look into the following based on their cheaper valuations and huge followings: @chaelincl @jbalvin @quavostuntin and @torikelly. All have MILLIONS of twitter, instagram, tiktok and youtube followers and are about half the cost of Scooter (who is still great value).

So that's it folks - there's who I am (a nobody), why I'm here (idk) and what I like (DEEP VALUE πŸš€πŸš€). Future posts will be shorter but I hope you enjoyed and make sure to follow me if you like this type of analysis, ideas and self deprecation!

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