Simping ain't Eazy

Simping ain't Eazy

Ok, so full disclosure, prior to joining BitClout a month ago, I had never heard the word, "SIMP". Now to my defense, I'm a boring suburban dad who's weekends consist of Costco runs, diaper changes and tee-ball practice, so the word doesn't get thrown around a lot in my circles. So for the fellow suburban dads, what's a "simp" you ask? Let's check the reputable website Urban Dictionary:

"A man who puts the hoes before the bros". Not the clearest definition but, luckily they also put it in context with an example:

"Brian Shu the simp: I bought her a car and a whole ass house and we not even dating!"

"Nathan the pimp: U a simp." Ahhhh..thanks Nate! Now I get it!

So by now you've either stopped reading the blog or wondering where the hell I'm going with this?...well it's because based on that definition, "Nathan the pimp" may call me a "simp"!

Why? Because this blog is all about supporting the women of BitClout! All jokes aside, I think this is a really important issue and if there's one message I'd like you to take away from this, it's: we will ALL BE SUCCESSFUL if our FEMALE CREATORS are SUCCESSFUL!

So why is it so important? Well, 1) its 2021 you asshole 2) a successful social media platform NEEDS diverse voices, content, etc. and 3) they can bring over the masses from other platforms. Just to put some numbers behind it:

BitClout Total Creators: 182,000

Bella Thorne Instagram Followers: 24,400,000

With that said, here's some women that I think deserve our support:

1) The Cryptonauts (@samiudell @valegenta @helenowen @amandajohnstone @trademeproject @renatavc @whitneyfransway) - doesn't really need any explanation. They've each been KILLING it on the platform individually and will be even better as a group!

2) @BellaThorne - see instagram followers above

3) @pamelaanderson - one of the most famous early adopters of the platform

4) @miakhalifa - social media star and already a ton of engagement

5) @biancaghezzi - based on her instagram (that my wife does not allow me to follow), she will be very popular on here..

So there you have it folks, a mediocre intro wrapped around a VERY important message: SUPPORT THE WOMEN OF SIMPS!

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