So You Want To Mine Bitclout

BitClout mining finally debuted on the platform last week. Here are my experiences so far.

So You Want To Mine Bitclout

A Much Awaited Announcement

Since BitClout debuted as a social media platform built on Blockchain technology, people have been asking when they could start mining currency. While the devs behind the platform had confirmed previously this would be a feature, it wasn't until last week that Diamondhands announced the rollout of BitClout mining.

In Diamondhands' announcement, he linked to a newly verified account called CloutReactor. This profile had popped up mysteriously before the big announcement and debuted with an oddly high Founder Reward of 50%. Korbin, another verified account that had been around since the genesis block and someone who Diamondhands had name-dropped in his mining announcement, had already purchased CloutReactor's first 100 creator coins. CloutReactor would in fact be the first widely-available mining pool for Bitclout users to join.

Prerequisites for Mining

Before going any further, be aware that mining can only currently operate on specific setups, including Windows 10/Linux, and only on NVIDIA cards, specifically 1xxx, 2xxx, and 3xxx series.

Korbin let the community know that in the coming weeks, he will be releasing solutions for Mac and AMD users, as well as newer mining profiles tuned for other NVIDIA series cards.

This guide will walk through a simple solution on Windows 10, however instructions are available here for running via WSL2/Docker as well as on Linux.

Simple Windows Setup Process

The below instructions are taken from the Windows -> Running compiled binaries section of the Cloutreactor github but paraphrased for ease.

  1. Ensure Windows is updated to the latest available version and you have the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers
  2. Install CUDA for Windows from NVIDIA downloads . Direct link to the Windows 10 download for convenience is available here. Then ensure you restart your PC.
  3. Download the latest Cloutreactor release executable and save to the root of your C:\ drive for ease.
  4. To run the miner, open a command prompt by hitting Start then typing cmd. Right click Command Prompt and open in Adminstrator Mode
  5. Once your command prompt is open, run the command below. Pleas ensure that you enter your own public key in place of mine. You wouldn't want to be mining me BitClout, would you?

C:\cloutreactor-windows-amd64.exe --public-key="BC1YLgtoYntyt1fzUCbgpMNqXZhF8PLtMcAM6Dngb8DhbZbfr6qY5YH"

My Results

I'll begin this section by stressing that your results will almost certainly vary from mine. I've been mining for a few days on and off using a laptop with an NVIDIA RTX2060. As of writing this piece I have been averaging a hashrate of approx ~222Mh/s at 79W of power and approx half a bitclout after ~40 hours of mining.

Once you have earned over 0.1 Bitclout, cloutreactor_treasury will then send you that Bitclout earned with each tranche of newly mined Bitclout that is sent out and you'll receive a notification like the one below.

To see specifically how much you received you can take a look at the blockchain explorer for cloutreactor_treasury and search the page for your own public key.

One example transaction for my first payment from cloutreactor_treasury can be seen here.

What's Next?

As would have been expected with more and more people joining the CloutReactor mining pool, mining has become less and less profitable over the last few days; particularly in my case with a limited wattage GPU on a laptop. Like I said though, results will certainly vary for you though.

Looking at other options, there is at least one other mining pool currently operating that I know of, BitPool. I have not personally used that tool, but Lobovkin (who manages it) is often present in the Bitclout Pulse Community Discord #mining channel and happy to discuss the technical details.

Need Help?

That's all for today. As it turned out, mining BitClout is pretty hassle-free thanks to CloutReactor, and especially if you have a spare machine you can leave running to farm the currency.

Our Discord community has been discussing mining pretty much since the CloutReactor profile popped up, so feel free to join us on the Bitclout Pulse Community Discord #mining channel. I'm usually available to answer questions or talk BitClout along with many others.

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