The B is for Barstool

The B is for Barstool

First and foremost, the outpouring support from my fellow Cloutans and the FinClout community (trying to get those to stick) after my first @scooterbraun blog has been truly incredible! I don't know how the hell I got here, but let's see where it takes us!

Now onto the good stuff, I do need to acknowledge the bizzaro world that we've entered where due diligence isn't about Bloomberg terminals and balance sheets but more about Reddit rabbit holes and stealing my son's TikTok account. So where am I going with this? It's about the power of social media and there isn't a more powerful giant in that space than @BarstoolSports.

So I know they're a polarizing brand (personally I've been a Stoolie since the early Milton days), but there's one thing you can't dispute: @StoolPresidente is a MARKETING GENIUS. Just look at what he's been able to do in the traditional finance world with $PENN (my biggest regret is not buying them at sub $5 at the height of the pandemic) and his other ventures.  

If he can take the traditional finance world by storm, what do you think he's going to do on this platform? Even more interesting is that @CallHerDaddy (1 of their most popular podcasts w/ 1.8M IG followers + 357k TWTR followers) may have joined the platform recently, which opens up speculation if he'll be joining too.

So if you think he's joining, there could be good value in @StoolPresidente, which is why I own him and @CallHerDaddy. Also for those looking for even deeper value, think about all the other Barstool bloggers that could join the platform. I've purchased @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter @KFCBarstool and @BarstoolTrent.

Lastly, I want to reiterate from my last blog that I'm just a random and (below) average finance nerd that simply finds this interesting. I'm no insider and these are highly speculative (but fun). I hope you enjoyed and keep sending me feedback on the platform!

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