The Curious Case of Da5id

The Curious Case of Da5id

Did you think it was going to be a quiet weekend on BitClout?

Or were you one of the many investors who couldn't sleep last night, tossing and turning thanks to that bubbling sense of anticipation for what Da5id might do next?

Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers and hodlers, it's time to get on the Da5id train. Not only am I going to let you all know who I think Da5id is; I will also pose a crucial question to the person on everyone's minds:

What do you have planned for your new censorship-free megaphone, Da5id?

What do we know about Da5id?

Based on Chris McCann's research, we know that Da5id is a genesis block account and possibly one of the first on the platform. This leads us to believe that Da5id and BitClout's fortunes are very tightly interwoven.

The account itself has changed names several times since inception. Ludo posted an enlightening reply to jytang09's thread detailing these changes:

Before we dive deeper into the rabbit hole of Da5id's identity, does anyone have any guesses so far?

What do we know about the name Da5id itself?

The first and most obvious clue is that 5 is V in Roman numerals. Clearly, the handle is a variation on the name David. Does this actually matter? Perhaps, perhaps not, but the way this name is spelled leads us into a crucial web of connections.

A quick Google search for "Da5id" brings up an interesting result: Who is Da5id from Snow Crash and what is their importance?.

It seems that the book Snow Crash may be a significant piece of the puzzle. Further research shows us the book was written by Neal Stephenson, an author whose body of work is influenced heavily by mathematics, economics, and cryptography.

Based on this bit of Google-fu, it's reasonable to conclude that the person behind the Da5id profile is a fan of Stephenson's, or at least of Snow Crash. Incidentally, the plot of the novel references the Tower of Babel, an origin myth attempting to explain why people speak different languages. I note with some amusement that a huge part of BitClout's appeal is its potential to unify disparate social media platforms.

But I digress. We have the piece of the puzzle that is Neal Stephenson, and a look back at the name changes to Da5id's account provides us with a pretty obvious second piece.

What is the connection between Da5id and Naval?

The Da5id profile was previously called NotNaval. Now, instead of dusting off our hands and calling the case solved, I looked into the connections between Twitter and BitClout A-lister Naval and Neal Stephenson. Wouldn't it be interesting if Naval were a sci-fi junkie?

One step deeper into the rabbit hole gets us to this fireside chat, hosted on youtube, featuring Naval, or should I now say Da5id actually interviewing Neal Stephenson. Don't they look happy together?

So is the case closed? Is Da5id actually Naval?

Not so fast. I'd like to say I've cracked the case, but something here just doesn't quite feel right. Naval seems like the obvious guess, but doesn't it seem a little too obvious? We should keep in mind that Naval has clearly been very public about his love for Snow Crash. On top of that, the account began as "not_naval". If it really was Naval, wouldn't that be a fairly obvious way to give it away? Maybe whoever it is was actually telling the truth and leaving us a clue with that name. Let's keep digging...

What happened last night?

A little before the first flurry of activity from Da5id we saw a few interesting things. First, our beloved Maebeam teased us with this:

Then Naval himself tweeted something quite foreboding indeed:

What if.....

This tweet may very well mean nothing, or it could be a clue that Da5id is Naval, but it could also mean that Naval knew what was going to happen with Da5id, but that it's not him.

What if this is Neal Stephenson himself? Or Perhaps Neal channeling a character? Could this perhaps be the beginning of a sci-fi saga playing out on BitClout in real time?

Wouldn't that be quite the story.

Thanks for reading, feel free to reach out to me.

...One Last Thing

Last night, we saw a transaction where Da5id sent 1 bitclout to an anonymous account, shown below in detail from the block explorer.

That account was later named R0nin in a blockchain transaction where a phone number was not required for the profile update. Does R0nin have God mode enabled?

What do we know about R0nin? A Google search provides us this Wikipedia detail:

A rōnin (浪人, "drifter" or "wanderer") was a samurai without a lord or master during the feudal period (1185–1868) of Japan. A samurai became masterless upon the death of his master or after the loss of his master's favor or privilege.

Interestingly, Da5id's posts today have featured imagery of samurai, as they autobiographically detail their advancement to 3rd spot (at time of writing) in the top 10. One such post is below.

Coincidence, or is there more to this?

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