Top Celebrity Creator Coin Picks

Top Celebrity Creator Coin Picks

Hey guys, I'm gonna release an article with all of this info, but I thought I would post here first. This a quick overview of some of my favorite creator picks, and why I think they are strong creator coins.


1. @terrycrews -

Huge celebrity, essentially an icon. He is a fan of the tech industry, and most importantly he is a fan of crypto/NFTs.

I think there is a solid chance he claims his account, and could see a 3-5x.

2. @jimmyfallon -

This is my favorite pick personally. He has over 50M followers on twitter, and is one of the largest influencers in the world.

In terms of value to follower ratio, he is the lowest I have found. I'm expecting a 3-4x.

3. @kevinolearytv -

Kevin is a huge fun of crypto and Bitcoin specifically. He dips his end in every industry. He is a sharktank investor who is very well know.

Also, he is current 1/10th the price of Mark Cuban. I expect him to 3-5x.

4. @jakepaul -

Undervalued compared to his brother. One of the largest influencers on youtube, and has a proven history of doing everything he can to make money.
Logan is heavily in crypto, and I could see Jake verifying one day in the future.

5. @miakhalifa -

Probably the largest name and influencer in the porn industry.

Porn and crypto have gone hand and hand for many years, and I think porn stars could be some of the earliest adopters of Bitclout.

6. @twentyonepilots -

I'm shocked that a band this large is under $1k right now. My thoughts are that they could easily hit $2-$4k.

Plus they are my favorite band!

7. @jlo -

Jennifer Lopez is one another pick that is very undervalued relative to the number of followers she has.

Comparable celebrities are in the $6-$10k range, so I could see Jlo doubling in price.

8. @lildickytweets -

One of my favorite rappers. He is managed by Scooter Braun, and Scooter is a big fan of Bitclout.

I think there is a strong chance he could claim his account and 3x.

9. @fazerug -

2.5M followers on twitter. Second largest member of Faze. Massively undervalued compared to @banks.

Currently below @fazesway in price, even though he is much larger in audience size.

Expecting a 2x from here

10. @phillyd -

He is a pretty big celebrity who is already invested in other crypto companies. One of my picks that I think has the chance of claiming his account.

I expect a 3-4x if he does claim it.

11. @omgadamsaleh -

Extremely low price compared to his level of popularity. Almost untouched with only a couple of investors right now.

I think he can easily 2x, possibly 5-7x if he verifies.

12. @dannydevito -

Key Research: It's Danny Devito. This is the penguin. The man's twin is Arnold Schzwarzenegger.

Easy 10000x

*This is not financial advice, it is just my opinions.

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