Art is in the eye of the BeHODLer

Art is in the eye of the BeHODLer

Alright folks, it's been two months since I wrote my first piece on Scooter Braun (yes, I'm still patting myself on the back there) and what an insane ride it's been! Since then we've seen +200,000 join the platform, nearly $200M flow into creators, rug pulls, a beautiful love story (@ChingonETH + @barbiegraveyard), boybands, puzzles and so much more!

Over those two months, I think some interesting investment trends have formed and old strategies have gone by the wayside. I've written about this before, but I still think it's too early to invest in large celebrities with huge followings. They probably won't join anytime soon, given the opportunity cost of leaving other platforms behind.

Investing in influencers that engage the platform has clearly been the winning strategy (see here and here).  

With all that said, I think there are two questions you have to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to invest in a creator on BitClout: 1) how will they cut through the noise and drive engagement (not just shitty questions to get on the global feed) and 2) how can they monetize this engagement? Those two questions push me to a new investment theme that I've found a lot of promise in:


I'm the first person to tell you that I don't know the difference between a Rembrandt and my son's finger paintings (kidding... kind of), but I do think I know what drives engagement on the platform (by cheating and looking at stats..). Just look at this post from @digitalize that wracked up 102 likes, 14 reclouts and 50 comments! In a sea of repetitive questions on the global feed, unique art has clearly stood out, which in turn should bring investors.

So here are a few creators that I like to follow, who all have pretty unique engagement models and have found ways to monetize their art (I also own some of these, especially digitalize where I'm the largest owner for full disclosure):

@digitalize - digital photo edits and gifs for the masses with custom pieces for coinholders. #7 on the platform for engagement by non-verified accounts with nearly 7,000 likes. You can see his work here.

@bitcloutmuseum - unique engagement model where they immortalize some of the largest creators on the platform (shameless plug, but here's mine). Also creating NFTs of each piece for sale and doing custom orders for people on the platform.

@cloutpunk - really cool project where they are creating Punk NFTs for investors and then reinvesting their profits from all sales back into their coin. Check out their work here. I've got mine already hanging on my wall!

There you have it folks, another edition of investing with @BitCloutBuffett. If you have any comments or other interesting investment ideas, you can find me on the Clout!

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