Veri...who gives a f*ck

Veri...who gives a f*ck

What's up Cloutans (still hasn't stuck)?!? Before I get started, I just wanted to thank all of you for building what has become an already amazing community! I still can't believe it's only been a couple weeks since this rocket ship has taken off and its been one helluva ride!

Now if you've read my past blogs (probably haven't), you know I like to review my favorite investment themes: Scooter Braun, Barstool Sports and the Kardashians (yes, I'm flexing that those are playing out). But in all honesty, those were kind of easy - pick influencers with massive followings, a high probability of joining the platform and watch them fly. But now 2 weeks in comes the hard part: what the hell do we do when they actually join? (h/t @olmstead for posing this question)

Like me, I'm sure you've already gotten burned by buying those influencers that just joined the platform and inevitably got the rug pulled out and you were caught "holding the bag". So should that stop you from buying any newly minted and verified influencers: ABSOLUTELY NOT! If you've ever watched Shark Tank, you know that investing is all about investing in the PERSON, not just the product (in this case followers)!

So when I'm investing in these verified influencers I make sure to ask 3 simple questions:

1) Are you willing to own them over the long-term? Like I said before, there's always a chance you get stuck "holding the bag", so you should be comfortable and confident that they will appreciate over the long-term.

2) Are they engaging with the platform and audience?  Who cares if someone has a huge following if they're not engaging the audience on the platform. I've already seen this play out with some new influencers that get the initial price pop and then slowly bleed out because they're not engaged.

3) Are they creative enough to find ways to monetize the platform? Right now we're buying on potential but eventually these influencers are going to need to find ways to entice new buyers to invest in their coin for you to make a profit.

So with all that said, who are some people that I think meet these criteria (I own some of these but honestly more admire their hustle)?

  • @kristinaschulman - perfect example of someone that has fully embraced the platform/audience and has already found ways to monetize her following (cameos, video calls, etc.)
  • @craigclemens - over 1,000 followers, insightful posts and a true hustler (as I write this he's had 5 posts in the past 24 hours and his last one has over 75 likes)
  • @biancaghezzi - 1M followers on Instagram (my wife doesn't let me follow) and shut that down this weekend to only post on BitClout #ALLIN
  • @connormitchell - tattooed @BitCloutPulse on his ass. Enough said..

Thats it for another installment of "Investing with BitCloutBuffett" (TM Pending). Hope you enjoyed and I'd love to hear from you on BitClout!

PS - let me get that verification @MaeBeam and @DiamondHands..

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