Now that we can view account holdings with ease on the new Bitclout Pulse Wallet Analyzer I thought it might be interesting to look at some accounts that had stood out as unusual or had ties to Bitclout investors or developers. Chris McCann did some great sleuthing in his Bitclout Pulse Research post on the potential investor group, so I considered if there may be any additional developers we could find that might not have announced themselves to the world yet. Well I think we have a few candidates, let’s walk through them.

Before diving in let’s have a look at the data. In the below grid, Self Own% represents each accounts ownership stake of themselves, while Owns Creators represents their holdings of other accounts. The Notes highlight key details for each of the accounts.

For the analysis, I’ll begin with the accounts we should already be familiar with:

  • Whoami - Unverified / suspected dev leader or founder
  • maebeam – Verified / a lead developer
    • Not much introduction needed, has been very prominent since day 1 on Bitclout releasing key insider details on development aligned with diamondhands
  • bluepartyhat – Verified / core team developer
    • Developer account that was verified only in the last week
    • Owned by whoami, maebeam, redpartyhat, and mastermind
    • Matches Runescape lore, one of the most valuable items in the game due to scarcity
  • redpartyhat – Verified / core team developer
    • Like bluepartyhat, developer account that was verified only in the last week
    • Owned by whoami, maebeam, bluepartyhat, and mastermind, as well as some accounts we’ll dive into below, LazyNina and WhiskeySmoke.
    • Matches Runescape lore, one of the most valuable items in the game due to scarcity
  • diamondhands – Verified / a lead developer
    • Does not own their own account, the zeroth owner is listed as whoami as you can see on the creator coin tab
    • Does not own any of the creator coins listed in the table

Next, let’s look at the less known accounts, and the reasons I wanted to deep dive and look at the connections between these all:

  • pinkpartyhat
    • Owns no coins at all, only 6.6% of themself
    • Interestingly, and like the other hat colors (red & blue) we saw in last week's hype, this does match hat lore. Though instead of Runescape this time it's World of Warcraft, so we stay on theme here
    • What is notable for this particular hat is the ownership is among the discussed accounts:
      • Whoami (who is controlled by diamondhands) owns 59.1%!!!
      • Mastermind owns 14.2%
    • On 4/3 we saw that pinkpartyhat also made their first post, so perhaps this is the ramp up before verification
    • So, the question is, will this be the next verified developer account?
  • LazyNina
    • Very high self-ownership at 84.2%
    • Could potentially be a miner or developer account
    • Owned by redpartyhat (a confirmed dev) and unusually has 50.6% of their coin owned by WhiskeySmoke
  • WhiskeySmoke
    • With a small amount owned by both LazyNina and redpartyhat there are ties, but not as strong as with the other accounts listed here
    • Could potentially be a miner or developer account, though less likely than others here
  • mastermind
    • One of the most interesting accounts I’ve found with a self-ownership of 99.2%, have we seen this anywhere else on Bitclout for an account with a valuation in this range?
      • Please let me know if you have seen any accounts with a similar ownership structure that has anything close to a market cap of $45k
    • Has stakes in maebeam and all 3 of the hats mentioned here including a 14.2% stake in pinkpartyhat

So with this analysis complete there are clear ties between all of these accounts, but what do those ties really represent? My inclination is that they are as yet unannounced developer and/or Bitclout miner accounts.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts via DM or as a comment on the post on my profile.

I’m excited to see what my fellow clouters come up with now that the Bitclout Pulse Wallet Analyzer tool is out in the wild.

Happy clouting!